The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint but is also quite prone to injuries.  One of the many ailments of the shoulder includes shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS).  Some nicknames for SIS include the painful arc or swimmer’s shoulder (Anderson and Parr, 2009, p. 41...

Plantar fasciitis is the most common hindfoot problem in runners affecting about 10% of the running population (Anderson and Parr, 2009, p.672).   Whether you like to run long distances, high intensity intervals, or something in between, plantar fasciitis can stop you...

The hamstrings are the most frequently strained muscles in the body (Anderson and Parr, 2009, p.547).  The hamstrings are strained when rapid or ballistic contractions overload the muscle and a tear occurs within the hamstring muscles, the muscle fascia, or tendons....

The knee takes a lot stress from the body due to running, squatting, lunging, and jumping.  While running and walking a person’s knee can bear loads of three to four times their bodyweight (Anderson and Parr, 2009, p.574).  The knee is also subject to a lot of torque f...

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